Who We Are

FORESIGHT INTEGRATED LIMITED is a Business Consulting, Information Technology, Supply Chain and Financial Services Company with over 20 years experience working on various projects in Canada, Ireland, USA, UK, and the West Africa region. 

We have extensive experience in the implementation of Collaboration, Portal and Web Content Management using Sharepoint, Software Development, Service-Oriented Architecture, Data and Systems Integration, Network Infrastructure, IT Security & Auditing, Supply Chain Management, and Finance related projects. 

We have broad industry background including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas and Information Technology.

We advise clients on best practices and implement business focused and technology enabled solutions to improve decision making capabilities, business operations and information lifecycle resulting in reduced operational costs and improved efficiency.  

Our past clients include Shell Petroleum Group (Nigeria and USA), British Petroleum, Merill Lynch Investment Managers (UK) , British Telecom (UK), Primus Telecom (UK), Vodafone (GH) to name a few.

Some of the notable benefits and gains our clients have had from our solutions include 

  • Drastically reduced procurement cycle time achieved through automated procurement process which aligned with Organization's business processes.
  • Fast and efficient Document Management Repository that provided visibility into documents used by the Organization. Has built in features that enable tracking of document versions and audit trail capabilities.
  • Business Intelligence solutions that enabled Senior Management have visibility into business process, identified and addressed any bottlenecks in the process.
  • Collaboration portal that enabled knowledge and content sharing of data, documents throughout the organization and resulted in providing a single repository where information can be shared. 


Our Services

  • Business Consulting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • SharePoint Portals
  • BI Solutions
  • Software Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Financial Services & Consulting
  • Oil & Gas Consulting

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Our Clients

  • Shell Petroleum Group (Nigeria and USA)
  • British Petroleum
  • Merill Lynch Investment Managers (UK)
  • British Telecom (UK)
  • Primus Telecom (UK)
  • Vodafone (GH)

Our brand's address


ForeSight Integrated Limited, Texas, America

Tel: (1) 832 713 9168, Mail: info@foresightintegrated.com

ForeSight Integrated, Dublin , Ireland

Tel: (353) 857502587, Mail: info@foresightintegrated.com

ForeSight Integrated Limited, Ontario , Canada

Tel: (1) 905 903 3629, Mail: info@foresightintegrated.com

ForeSight Integrated Limited, Accra, Ghana

Tel: (233) 244 327717, Mail: info@foresightintegrated.com